Portable Storage for Locals


First, check to be sure you did not build or install anything in front of the storage pod since delivery that would impede access for removal (for instance, did you build your new house in front of it? - yes, that has actually happened). 

Second, just call! If you know when the unit will be entirely cleaned out, we can schedule your pickup. We make every effort to pick up units promptly, typically within 1-3 days of your notification. 

If it is imperative the unit be removed by a certain date, like you are selling your home, please give us as much notice as possible. We can not always accommodate short notice requests and we want to be sure our container isn't in your way!


Your unit should be: 

  • Empty. Totally and completely empty. No stragglers. 
  • Swept out
  • Unlocked
  • Accessible 


By all means, go! 

You do not need to be on site when we pick up the container, so feel free to carry on with life as normal. 

If you stay, please be sure that there are no vehicles parked in front of the container. No items should be leaning on, set on top of or left inside the container on the day of pickup. 


You are solely responsible to ensure your container does not freeze to the ground. Please go back and read that again.

If you should be so bold as to request pickup on a frigid February day with three feet of snow, we will inquire about the conditions at your location to be sure we have a fighting chance at removal. This is easily achieved so long as you are vigilant to remove any ice and snow from around all sides and on top of the container, after EVERY STORM. You must properly sand any private way leading up to the container to facilitate the truck's access for pickup. For extreme locations (we're looking at you, Vermont) we can chain up the tires at an additional cost. Tire chains are a last resort to gain traction and will not make the impossible happen. If you let the container freeze to the ground and want it out in the winter - unless you have a private line to mother nature to ask for a warm snap, you'll be on the hook for that baby until the spring thaw.