Portable Storage for Locals


All we ask for is a reasonably level surface, but it needs to be solid. If you think the ground might be a little soft, then its too soft. We've lived here as long as you have, and we know New England weather can be harsh and unpredictable. We deliver year round, rain snow and shine. We consider future weather conditions (hello, snow, ice and mud) when siting the units to help ensure we can remove the storage unit when you are ready to send it back. Our drivers can help identify the best location on your property at the time of delivery. 


Our units are delivered on a tilting flatbed tow truck, exactly like the kind you call when you're stuck on the side of the road. While our drivers are experts in their field, don't expect them to go out in yours. We like to stay on the traveled way, driveways and hard packed surfaces to avoid damage to your property and ours. Exceptions can be made depending on the season and on a case-by-case basis, but keep in mind, you'll cover the bill to tow a tow truck out of your back forty.


Our truck will generally back into the container site location, tilt the bed to unload the container and pull straight out from underneath the unit, resting it gracefully on your property ....(as gracefully as one can drop a 5000 pound steel box off a truck). We will bring four wooden blocks to set the container on, one under each corner, to keep the unit up off the ground. This helps prevent the unit from freezing into the ground in winter months. After drop off, our driver will bid you adieu and you can fill your new storage unit!


All units are rented under a month-to-month lease agreement which is signed electronically prior to delivery. The lease automatically renews each month until you call to have the unit removed. The lease requires you to take good care of our unit while it is in your hands. The lease also requires that you keep the unit from freezing to the ground. We encourage you to read your lease agreement in full prior to accepting delivery of the unit, both parties are bound by the agreement for the life of the lease.